Letting Go

I've never had an easy time stepping out of my comfort zone. Like a favorite pair of warm slippers, I prefer to fall back to the safety of what I know. Launching Tula Deva Wellness is pushing me well beyond my comfort limits. I've procrastinated, fussed with content and debated about whether I am even qualified to be doing this. The procrastination has been a convenient way to avoid what I fear, moving forward into unknown places. I  think of Stephen Mitchell's translation of this passage from the Bhagavad Gita "You have the right to your actions, but never to your action's fruits. Act for the action's sake, and do not be attached to inaction". 
Letting go has been a hard philosophy for me to master. Normally everything I do has claw marks all over it.  I expect a certain outcome and feel let down when things don't' work out. I worry too much about perfection, or about what people may think, I believe I can always do better. This fear often leads to inaction. So like the archer aiming his arrow and letting go, I am beginning my journey. I hope I hit the mark or at least, come close. I hope I can inspire you to try more fresh whole foods, take a moment to watch the moon rise, take a deep breath and appreciate all you have to offer. Maybe I can even inspire you to take one small step outside of your comfort zone. 
I don't know where this new project will take me. But I can only find out by taking the first step, and then letting go.